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At Focus Wealth Strategies, we are committed to building long-lasting, multifaceted relationships that help our clients take control of their financial legacy. Every relationship begins with a simple conversation. We ask the right questions and truly listen to our client’s answers, so we can effectively assess their situation to determine the right combination of products and services that will help them reach their desired lifestyle.

We use a team approach when working with our clients and devising their clear financial plan. This means when you work with us, you don’t get the experience and guidance of just one financial advisor, but rather, the combined experience of an entire team. Each member of our team has varied credentials and specialties, so everyone has something unique to bring to the table. We handle all your personal financial needs—from wealth management to strategic investment choices to estate planning—we are here to help ensure your family’s financial future is secure.

Personal Cash Flow Analysis

Cash flow analysis reports are just as important to individuals and families as they are to businesses. Individuals need to be informed about their cash inflows and outflows to make informed decisions about their investment and savings plans for the future. If you are simply earning an income and paying bills, you are in survival mode. You aren’t truly managing your cash flow to provide a secure financial future. A personal cash flow analysis looks at an individual or a couple’s incoming cash and outgoing expenditures to form a comprehensive plan for proper cash flow management. Knowing exactly where your money is coming from and how it is being spent is the first step to achieving wealth and building savings.

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Investment Portfolio Review & Asset Allocation Models

When it comes to personal investing, you need a strategic financial advisor who is going to put together a comprehensive plan to help you reach your savings goals. At Focus Wealth Strategies, our team of advisors work together to research market trends and stay on top of a variety of investment opportunities across a number of sectors for our clients. Our goal is for each of our clients to know we aren’t only trying to grow their wealth, but to guard it as well.

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Retirement Planning & Personal Projections

There are many things to consider when planning for your future retirement. Retirement planning should focus on ensuring you can maintain the quality of life you want to live during retirement, while also being able to do the things you have always wanted to do. Our team of financial advisors help you develop a plan for saving and investing, and then help you manage that plan to help you pursue your goals and enjoy retirement.

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Social Security Analysis

Deciding when the right time for you to begin drawing your Social Security benefits is often one of the most difficult choices seniors face when approaching retirement. Without the guidance of an experienced financial advisor, you could make a choice that costs you thousands down the line. At Focus Wealth Strategies, our team uses a sophisticated software analysis approach to help you analyze your Social Security benefit options and confirm you take your benefits at the right time for your personal circumstances.

Insurance Consulting

Comprehensive financial planning isn’t just about making investments, managing your money, and growing your wealth, but also about safeguarding your financial legacy against unexpected circumstances. Our team of licensed insurance agents help our clients understand their options for life insurance, short-term and long-term disability coverage, and long-term care insurance. Each of these types of insurance plans are designed to protect your family financially during your most challenging times.

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College Planning

Seeing a child grow-up and head off to college is exciting! But paying for college is becoming an overwhelming burden for many of our country’s students. Our team of financial advisors help our clients review their options for college savings plans, so you can send your children to school knowing their future is covered.

Estate & Tax Planning With Recommendations

Proper estate and tax planning are often the key to allowing a family to mourn the loss of their loved one without having to worry about the financial aspects associated with their loss. At Focus Wealth Strategies, we use a team approach to make recommendations and guide our clients through the complicated estate and tax planning process.


Ready to start planning for the future? No matter what your personal financial planning needs may be, we have a team of specialists ready to help guide you through every aspect of planning your financial future. Contact Focus Wealth Strategies through our online contact form or by calling our Brandon office at (813) 305-0411 or our Bradenton office at (941) 776-0589.

The information provided on this page is intended to assist in educating individuals about their personal investing options generally, and not to provide personal service or recommendations. This information may not consider your personal circumstances such as budget, assets, risk tolerance, or other factors which may affect the type of plans that are right for you and your family. If you need more information or would like personal advice, you should consult a professional certified financial advisor.

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