At Focus Wealth Strategies, everything we do is done with a primary focus on your future! As an independent, full-service investment and financial planning firm we work with each of our clients to create a customized financial strategy tailored to manage your needs and goals. Whether you are just getting started on investing and saving or are transitioning into retirement, we are here to help you pursue your financial goals.

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You Don’t Know Much About Us—Let’s Change That

We believe that every client relationship should begin with a meeting in which we get to know each other. During this meeting we learn about you while you get to know us, and we explore the opportunity to determine whether we are a good fit for working together. Every initial meeting we have with a potential new client is always complimentary. This meeting typically lasts about an hour.

A Consultative Approach Focused On Your Unique Needs & Goals

The next step in our process is the discovery phase. During this phase, we get a thorough understanding of the client’s beliefs about money, where the client is currently, and what we are trying to achieve. Every client has unique financial needs and goals, so our goal is to get to know what those specific needs and goals are for you. This step could take place at the end of the first meeting or could be done during a second meeting.

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Strategic Solutions & Implementation

Once we have determined we are a good fit to work together, and we have a thorough understanding of what your unique financial needs and goals are, our team presents you with our strategic financial planning recommendations.
Once we have mutually agreed upon a financial strategy, we complete paperwork and match you with the financial advisors that can best meet your needs. We maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients built on a foundation of trust, so the number of meetings we have after implementation of your financial plan begins depends on the needs of you as a client.

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How Do We Get Paid?

Just as there is no one right financial plan for everyone, there is no one right fee structure either. The team at Focus Wealth Strategies work with a variety of plans that have flexible payment options. Costs to our clients can take the form of an hourly consulting fee, commission, and/or an asset-based fee. The payment arrangement varies based on the client’s situation and is always fully disclosed to the client before signing any paperwork.